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Welcome to Employers' Portal – IIT Gandhinagar!

The Career Development Services (CDS) team is committed to facilitating  a seamless interaction between the students and the prospective employers. IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) has state-of-the-art facilities to support all types activities involved in a typical recruitment process. In addition to the basic civil infrastructure, we also have video conferencing rooms, which may be used for online interaction between the students and the employers.

As part of our continued quest to streamline the hiring process, we have launched an online Company Registration Form, which takes about 2 minutes to complete. Once this form is submitted, a CDS representative gets in touch with the employer to chalk out further details regarding the position(s) being offered.

In case the employer wishes to directly provide the detailed information, the Job Announcement Form (JAF) [for full time hiring] and the Internship Announcement Form (IAF) [for intern recruitment] may be used.

For any suggestions or clarifications, please feel free to email us at cds@iitgn.ac.in

We are dedicated towards a long lasting relationship with all our recruitment partners and look forward to meeting them on campus.

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