Summer Research Internships 2018

Sr. No. Faculty Project Code Project Title
1 Amit Arora AA01 Corrosion analysis of FSW
2 Amit Arora AA02 Development of mass communication resources for Alumni Relations Office
3 Amit Arora AA03 Developing and running social media campaigns for Alumni Relations Office
4 Atul Bhargav AB01 Saturated pool boiling on wettability-patterned surfaces
5 Arnab Dutta AD01 Developing bio-inspired H2 production electrocatalysts
Arup Lal Chakraborty
ALC01 Development of fiber Bragg grating (FBG)-based optical microphone
7 ALC02 Designing virtual reality games and interfacing with inertial motion sensor (IMU)
8 ALC03 Simulation of whispering gallery mode field profile of a gold nanorod for high-sensitivity biomolecule sensing
9 ALC04 Development of an Arduino-based robotic platform for automated 3-axis alignment of a laser beam for industrial sensing applications
Amit Prashant
AP01 Geosynthetics in slopes with expansive soils
11 AP02 Deformation measurement in granular media using image processing
12 Ajanta Sachan AS01 Lime stabilization of bentonite soil
Anand Sengupta
ASG01 A machine learning approach to denoising transient gravitational wave signals from blackholes
14 ASG02 Rapid localization of transient gravitational wave sources on the sky
15 Bireswar Das BD01 Parallel and Space Efficient algorithms for Algebraic Problems.
Bhaskar Datta
BHD01 Design and synthesis of dimeric carbocyanine dyes for live cell staining
17 BHD02 Development of Bioinformatics Tools for Identifying Quadruplex Structure Forming Sequences
18 Chandrakumar Appayee CA01 Asymmetric Organocatalysis
Dilip Srinivas Sundaram
DSS01 Modeling and Simulation of Combustion of Bimetallic Reactive Powders
20 DSS02 Modeling and Simulation of Explosion of Metal Dust Clouds
21 Gaurav Srivastava GS01 Probabilistic analysis of structures subjected to fire
Harish P. M.
HPM01 Application of Controls for path planning and tracking of trajectories in autonomous cars and in robotic manipulators
23 HPM02 Application of control system ideas to biomechanical aspects of movement control disorders in humans
24 HPM03 Novel tracking control methods for multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical system with coupled dynamics
25 HPM04 Analysis of control approaches in human posture control with implications to Parkinson’s disease
Iti Gupta
IG01 Photophysical studies of Near Infra-Red Dyes
27 IG02 Absorption and Emission Studies of Porphyrins
28 Joycee Mekie JM01 Low power and error-tolerant VLSI designs
29 Joycee Mekie JM02 Approximate computing
30 Jagmohan Tyagi JT01 Existence and uniqueness questions in ordinary differential equations
31 Kasivisvanathan Chelvakumar KC01 Solar Power in India
32 Kabeer Jasuja KJ01 The art and science of nanosheets
Krishna Prasad Miyapuram
KPM01 Brain Computer Interface
34 KPM02 Database creation: facial expression of emotions
Kaustubh Rane
KR01 Developing computer programs for the Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations
36 KR02 Developing computer programs for the modelling of biological motors
K. R. Jayaprakash
KRJ01 Nonlinear dynamics of spherical particles in smooth cavities
38 KRJ02 Molecular dynamics simulations of spherical granular particles with external excitation
39 Leslee Lazar LL01 Cognitive evaluation of design creativity
40 Manu Awasthi MA01 Memory Hierarchy Exploration in Handheld Devices
41 Manoj Gupta MG01 Problems on Graph Spanners
Manish Jain
MJ01 Mechanical Computing Basic and Advanced
43 MJ02 3D Printing: Symmetrical Structures and Stellations of Icosahedron
44 MJ03 CAD and Lasercutting: Advanced Mechanisms and Machines
45 MJ04 Cryptography using Real Enigma Machine
46 Manish Kumar MK01 Dynamic analysis of liquid-containing tanks
47 Manish Kumar [Earth Sciences] MKR01 Microbiological mobilization of Arsenic, fluoride and uranium
48 Mithun Radhakrishna MR01 Molecular Dynamics simulations of protein aggregation
Madhu Vadali
MV01 Theoretical modelling of pulsed laser surface structuring via remelting
50 MV02 System dynamics and stability analysis for rehabilitation robotics
51 MV03 Dynamics and control of flexible manipulators
Nitin Khanna
NK01 Development of Image Processing Modules in Python/Matlab for Analyzing Chandrayaan Data
53 NK02 Deep Learning for Image/Video Processing related to Forensics and Security
54 NK03 Development of Audio/Image/Video Processing Modules in Python/Matlab for Forensics and Security
55 Pratyush Dayal PD01 Smart Materials
56 Pranab Mohapatra PM01 Flow past a vertical cylinder.
57 Pratik Mutha PMU01 Neural substrates critical for the retention of motor memories
58 Prachi Thareja PT01 Rheology and microstructure of suspensions
59 Ravi Hegde RH01 Deep Learning for image resolution enhancement
60 Sivapriya Kirubakaran SK01 Synthesis and Biological validation of small molecules: Targeted therapy for Cancer
61 Sriram Kanvah Gundimeda SKG01 Synthesis of small organic conjugated molecules
Saumyakanti Khatua
SKH01 Understanding growth mechanism of gold nanorods
63 SKH02 Synthesis of assembly of plasmonic nanoparticle
64 SKH03 Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic nanoparticles
Shanmuganathan Raman
SR01 GANs for Image and Video Synthesis
66 SR02 Structure from Motion for 3D Reconstruction
67 SR03 Coded Aperture for Extended Depth of Field and Depth Estimation
68 S Rajendran SRA01 Power electronic drive for permanent magnet motor
T S Kumbar
TSK01 Creating Research Data Repository
70 TSK02 Data Visualisation & Libraries
71 Vinod Narayanan VN01 CFd analysis of aeroacoustics
72 Virupakshi Soppina VS01 Bacterial purification of kinesin domain fragments
73 Vijay Thiruvenkatam VT01 Cloning, expression, purification & crystallization of proteins
74 Vineet Vashista VV01 Robotic Tools for Gait Rehabilitation
75 Vikrant Jain VJ01 Morphological mapping of lunar surface using Chandrayaan Data