Knowledge Network of
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
under TEQIP-III Initiative (Govt. of India)

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Long Term Training

Training is the process of reinforcing existing knowledge & skills and acquisition of new competencies. With the goal of improving quality of education, it is proposed that all the colleges under TEQIP Gujarat Project will be given an opportunity to work in IIT Gandhinagar. They will have access to library and laboratory facilities of the Institute. The components of long-term training will involve the following:
  1. Passive learning for Teaching: by attending specific courses and discussing course plans with the instructors.

  2. Active learning for Teaching: Participation in jointly teaching Problem solving sessions and/or laboratory.

  3. Projects and Research: Interact with the faculty members and the students of IITGN to develop ideas for project based learning environment and research culture.

  4. Organizational Skills: Take up at least one responsibility of coordinating some event(s) related to TEQIP project and go through the cycle of how IITGN system works.

  5. Future scope: Explore possibility of future collaborations for writing research proposals, organizing academic events, book writing, etc.